Eco + Sustainable

Ecology and sustainability are not "greenwashing" for us. We are very aware of our responsibility for this unique natural environment. That's why we do everything we can to leave the smallest possible footprint and act as sustainably and ecologically as possible:
·       Own electricity through a 60KVA Photovoltaik system with corresponding storage
·       Water supply through our own boreholes
·       Own water disposal through bacteria (3 chamber septic tank) without chemicals
·       Almost plastic-free
·       No single-use or portion packaging such as butter, jam, soap, shampoo, etc.
·       Solar lights where there is no power supply
·       Mostly organic coffee capsules. If we do use aluminum capsules, they are then used to make unique jewelry
·       Comforter covers made from Egyptian cotton
·       Waste separation and disposal largely according to German standards
·       Our colors are largely chemical-free

·       We grow our own fruit and vegetables without artificial fertilizers or pesticides
·       Eggs from the neighbor's free-range chickens
·       Naturally grown game from neighboring game farms
·       Meat from our trusted butcher - regional and purely organic

Local support:

For us, sustainability also means supporting projects and people from the region

Jewelry from "one man's trash" - unique pieces of jewelry are made from used aluminum coffee capsules
Jewelry from down2thewire - where wild animal traps are transformed into something beautiful, bracelets and necklaces, etc. and all for a good cause

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