The Wild Blue Experience

Art + Design

The lodge is decorated with indigenous art from Asia and Africa. Combining doors from India, 
chairs from Indonesia, lamps from Morocco and art from South Africa, the owners have created 
an extraordinary lodge in the middle of the bush with great attention to detail to ensure a blend 
of rest and relaxation. For those collectors who appreciate this ambience as much as we do, we 
offer the opportunity to purchase selected design pieces - just to take a little Wildblue-feeling 


Wild + Safe

Ndlovumzi is a 1000-hectare nature reserve teeming with wildlife. Giraffes, nyalas, impalas, 
zebras, waterbucks, or kudus may cross your path. Nocturnal encounters with hyenas, jackals or 
leopards are possible. The diversity of bird life makes our reserve a paradise for bird watchers. 
Most importantly, we live in harmony with nature and all its inhabitants and always treat them 
with respect. 
You can however explore nature while hiking, mountain biking, going on a refreshing bushwalk 
or taking part in our game drives.


Service + Relaxation

With only 10 beds, Wildblue Lodge offers personal and individual service. Our motto is RELAX, 
UNWIND, ENJOY! and our staff will make your stay something special. Share your wishes with 
us and we will oblige.


Food + Organic

Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, spinach, peppers, herbs, mango... we try to grow as much of it as 
possible in our own garden. There is nothing better than food from your own garden, grown 
without chemicals and artificial fertilizers. 
Our eggs come freshly laid from the neighboring farm and meat is sourced from select local 

We make sure everything is organic, fresh, and as "green" as possible. 
South Africa is renowned for its wines and we are proud to offer a large selection of South 
African wines and spirits, but our drinks menu also offers a wide range of international 
refreshments and spirits. 

Our dinner menu changes daily and is freshly prepared by our chef according to availability and 
will satisfy the most discerning palate. However, if you have specific requests, food intolerances 
or dietary requirements, please inform us before arrival so that we can cater according to your